Nakama, we need to talk...

Right now, as you read this, one of your mods is breaking down and is about to quit their job as a mod. I'm a fellow mod and I don't want to see that, we need to do something about this, people are getting angry and routy just cause they want mainstream ships, they don't care about other ships or how we mods try to show you different manga or anime ships and stuff like that. it honestly breaks my heart seeing that nakama only want this mainstream stuff, whatever happened to the old stuff, where nakama posted things other than NaLu or Naruto x Herinata, you people are making a person feel like ABSOLUTE SHIT and I fuckin hate that. Just cause some of you people want one thing and don't get it doesn't mean you can just tear at another person and say their at fault just cause this didn't happen. I say to those people that are like that, I hope your happy, you made someone, that helped this community, that gave the community fun things to watch and do, feel like utter and complete shit. @AshCrimson this is another mod who can make out more points then I can but just know this... Your pushing someone that has helped you off the cliff and I rather kill myself then see that happen... this has been the Ecchi moderator and I hope you nakama side with me on this...