Quote Help!

Hello, Minna-san! So, I am sending out a call for all y'all, for your help in transcribing a quote from Gildarts in Fairy Tail. I'm fairly sure most of you know what quote I'm getting at, but it's the one from Gildarts during the S-Class Wizard Test, where he faces Natsu. "Fear is not weakness. It teaches you what your weaknesses are. And once you know your weaknesses you can become stronger as well as kinder" Ok, so now you know where I'm talking about, so here is the conundrum. I have loved this quote since I first heard it. It spoke to me and echoed to my bones, given the fear and terror I've been through in my past. It so beautifully encompasses that about myself, and it embodies my feelings on the subject so wonderfully. So, here's the gist: I want to get a tattoo of this quote, but I want it in Japanese kanji and hiragana. This will preserve the intent and full meaning behind the quote, not the various ways it can be translated back and forth. I want the exact wording of what he says, not a re-translation from the English sub back to Japanese. However, I cannot find anywhere where there are Japanese subtitles for that scene. I have gone over and over the scene, writing down the romanji of what I think he says, but I'm not sure whether I 'm getting it right. So, here's where I hope you guys can help me out! If anyone is fluent in Japanese and so can just listen to what he says and write it out in hiragana or romanji, or if anyone wants to re-watch the scene and write down the sounds you think he says, that would be fantastic! Here's what I have already: Kyofuku ha akade ha nai Sore ha onore mo yowasa shire to yotoku da

Five Favorite Ships!

Hello, Minna-san! So, today @tbell2 tagged me in the first post for February's Ships and Feels! Today was to celebrate our top five ships. So without further ado.... Soul and Maka So, these two are just so much fun. Being a Meister and Soul Weapon pairing means that they are compatible on even the deepest of levels and understand each other intimately. It also means that they have accepted all those things and trust each other explicitly. They even live together and Soul makes Maka tea, which I find abso-bally-lutely adorable! I know that just because they're a working pair and friends doesn't mean that they will make a good romantic couple, but I think that it would work! I love these two!! Anime: Soul Eater Nanami and Tomoe So, their relationship starts out pretty rocky, what with Nanami having no clue what is going on and Tomoe pining for Mikage, but over time they come to terms with each other. Although, almost as soon as this happens, Nanami confesses her love to Tomoe who soundly drops her, literally (from a building; don't worry, he catches her). This awkwardness works itself out and after a while things settle down again between them. Nanami grows into her role as a god, going above and beyond to do what she believes right and working to make herself stronger. Tomoe grudgingly comes to admire her dependence and in the last few episodes of the last season of the anime, is given the opportunity to watch Nanami through her memories to figure out what her life was like. He seems to vastly appreciate this glimpse into what Nanami has gone through (and Nanami has also had the chance to do the same for him), and at the end proposes to her child-self. The relationship isn't completed yet, but I love them as a pairing and as the two strong individuals they are.
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Noragami Madness

Heya, Minna-san!!! So a while back, @MaryRuth asked me for Noragami pictures. Sorry it took so long, @MaryRuth , but here they are! I absolutely love, love, love this show, I cannot even put it into words, but here is a peek into the collection of Noragami awesomeness I have picked up over time. Iki Hiyori - seriously one of the anime characters I relate to the most. She is fun, intensely caring and loyal, and is also a total badass!! She is an inspiration for me when I need it! Hiyori pushes Yato out of the way of a bus, but is hit by it herself. She is miraculously unhurt, except she develops the ability to drop her body and become a 'phantom'. During these times her body is asleep, and it is this phenomena that instigates her, Yato, and Yukine's relationship. Her snooze attacks are hilarious, although that would be freaking terrifying if it actually happened. And, Hiyori is not afraid of standing up for what she believes in or of defending who and what she cares about! Being a closet martial arts otaku has its perks, especially when you can leave your body and become seriously strong and acrobatic! Yukine Yukine is Yato's regalia, a human spirit gods can save and name to give then another shot at life, while also serving as some sort of item for the god when they call the name they gave that other form. For Yukine, Yukine is the name Yato gave to him in his human form and Sekki is his regalia name. When Yato calls for Sekki, he turns into a beautiful long katana, with only a cloth wrapping for a grip. More a naked blade than a fully fledged katana, as Hiyori says. Yukine has some issues at first, but becomes so kind, strong, and loyal! I don't wanna give any spoilers, so I'll just say that Yukine is seriously amazing, and Yato would not be able to get by without him!

Me in 3 Anime Characters

So this is another challenge I've seen going around Vingle lately and I'd like to join in! Like everyone, I am a complicated mix of morals, ethics, ideas, reactions, and interests. All of these can be summed up for me in 3-4 people: Iki Hiyori (Noragami), Maka Albarn (Soul Eater), and Black Star/Natsu Dragneel (Soul Eater/Fairy Tail). Iki Hiyori I don't know about everyone else, but I really enjoy taking those "which character are you?" "what is your inner animal?", etc... quizzes, and Hiyori is the character I can count on getting all the time and I couldn't be more happy! Hiyori is one of the most awesome characters ever! She was the first female anime character I saw that was interested in fitness and defense (i.e. martial arts). She is a closet MMA nut; and when she finds herself in situations where 85% of other anime girls run and scream, she just jumps right in to help! When Yato was in front of the bus, and when she unleashed Jungle Savate on the large frog phantom, for a few examples. Considering I've been in situations like that, and that is my first reaction, that really hit home for me. And I am pretty much 100% sure that if I were put in her position, of having increased speed and agility in spirit form, I would pull that stunt of "Oh, I forgot I'm actually a pretty good fighter in this form! I'll handle this!", and need to have my tail pulled out of the fire! Also like me, she is selfless (ok, so a little bragging on my part? but it is true) and will do anything to help those she cares about. I would always be jumping in to help and protect those I love, however I can. Like Hiyori, I don't know how to hide and stay quiet; I would be out there fighting with my friends! Even when those friends do things she doesn't quite agree with, she will stand by her principles (trying to deal with phantoms on her own), and will stand by her friends and be there for them, to pull them back from the brink when needed. She is also silly and comical, something I pride myself on; and not worried about showing fear, but she simply takes that fear and it makes her stronger. (that will be a recurring line throughout this card, as that probably the most guiding and central tenant in my life, so bear with me). Hiyori is also not afraid to stand up for herself. When Yato first meets her and hasn't dealt with her request for him to find a way to fix her after 2 weeks, she doesn't just say "well, he'll get to it", she calls him up and dresses him down for not having helped her yet. Even when he kind of gets in her face about it, she stands her ground. That is highly awesome and inspirational to me. It lets me see ways I can stand up for myself without being rude, and not give in to others whims. I'm like her in so many other ways, now I have a way to work towards!