Dropping my Vingle Fan Fictions. Let me explain...

I'm completely dropping both my vingle fan fictions. Why? because i'm not happy with the writing at ALL. None of it flows the way i want it too, and the stories all started with no plots. I literally do not know how to end either Sensez, or the Yoonmin fic. I'm sorry to those who do genuinely like the fictions, but i can't stand to read them. I will leave them up, but they'll be completely stopped. Currently, i'm working on two other fan fictions on my tumblr that DO have completely thought out and FINISHED plots. Meaning i know how both stories are going to end, i just need to write them. Both plots are written in about... 3-10 paragraphs, all rough draft plots but ones i can genuinely follow. If you want to follow me on that journey, feel free to follow my tumblr. http://sugagumdrop.tumblr.com/ And this is the Masterlist: http://sugagumdrop.tumblr.com/post/157804886926/masterlist