Hey guys! It's Kitty and I need your help! So recently I attended Fly in Dallas with my best friend Jaime(the cute Paki biscuit)! Jaime and I have only been best friends for about a year now (?) but we've known each other for about 8 years! And the reason we finally became friends is because she told me she liked Kpop! We actually got into it at about the same time a little bit before Psy released Gangnam Style, so we had both gone through the 'fake' kpop fan phase,basically the, '1:Oh I listen to kpop! 2:Oh yea what groups?1: Psy! 2:Just no', phase. And no I don't feel the same way about that anymore because a lot of those people did get into Kpop and my dad is actually a HUGE Psy fan now but anyways! Every concert I've ever been to has been with her and she is super important to me! Fly was our last concert together, due to the fact that she is going to boarding school! She'll be about 5 to 6 states away from me and will only have her phone on Saturday's between 3 and 5, SO I want to send her off with something she can use all year long! I have a jar and a memory box that I'm going to be putting small things in so that whenever she's upset and misses Texas she can have a little boost to get her on her way again! INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Please pick one or more of the following: โ€ขNice Saying/Words of encouragement
+ 1 interests


So here's how it all went down! I went to the concert and bought an album. DECIDED TO PUT IT IN MY CAR AND NOT LOOK AT IT...Big mistake guys big mistake... anyways the concert went on and whoa! it was amazing! I had such an amazing time just singing along and screaming at the top of my lungs. Seeing them was and amazing opportunity but here's where things get tricky. So as I said my album was in the car. I had no idea there was a high touch contest...and my album was a winner... I remembered a yellow sticker on the back and ran to my car and opened my trunk to fine my album in our safe. I then ran back inside crying and hoping I hadn't missed anything. I hadn't and went down and sat with my mom and best friend. My mom and BFF were told they had to exit and I was left standing there. I met a really cool girl whose name I believe was Rebecca. So we move through the line and I start talking with the girls around me and they told me to make eye contact and not look at my shoes. So we get up there and whoa...I see Zelo and he's towering over everyone, but once I got closer ALL OF THEM TOWERED OVER ME!! I was like 'OMG IM SO SHORT!!' After that realization I'm just left standing in front of Zelo staring up at him and I swear he has the biggest smile. Jong Up was next and this might sound weird but his hands were SOOOO soft!! Like really soft. Then I moved to Daehyun and he was so nice and geez so cute!! And then it was Youngjae gosh he was so darned sweet I just melted for a second! HimChan was after Youngjae and i couldnt stop smiling and when I wished him a happy birthday he smiled real big and said thank you, i almost fainted on the spot. Next was Yongguk....My UB.....To say I started crying was a lie...I started bawling my eyes out... I high fived him and he gave me a big smile and said "Cheah!" Like in One Shot and I died, went to heaven, came back and giggled a little to which he chuckled.(SO CUTE ME AND THE GIRL I HAD TALKED TO DIED I SWEAR I AM A GHOST NOW)When I finished I ran for the door, made it outside, hit a tree and then met up with my mom and BFF... Im still crying and whoa...If I hadn't remembered that sticker I would have died later... So after all of that my friend cried and wouldn't stop holding my hand and I just couldn't stop silently crying and smiling at the same time... Tonight was the best night of my entire life and man I am so happy right now... I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck in getting to meet your idols. Mine was pure luck and gosh was it amazing... But on another note I learned something. I learned what it meant to be one with them... I had been to the EXO concert but even there it didn't feel real. B.A.P was different though... Through each song I felt closer to them I felt like I learned a new part of them and it felt real and amazing and beautiful all at once. The VCRs meant something to me... They made me cry a little and I just wanna go back and relive tonight over and over again. I realized that even if I was just some fan out of so many others I was still in their thoughts. I was still one of the people they strive to be great for. And honestly B.A.P is one of the most humble and amazing bands I've ever heard and gotten into. They just feel like home to me and that's what I loved about tonight... That I was finally one... So yea...Thats my little rant and talk... Thanks for reading! Comment and tell me about your concert experiences!!