Valentine's Day is here!

So I'm going to tell you about my first love! He's an American and his name is Zachary. When I first met him he was short and annoying but once we got to know each other we became friends! (Found out he likes anime👍👍) But anyway, he was shorter than me but had a big personality. So I slowly started to fall for him. When he asked me out the first time was when I accepted the feelings the first time. I thought "I'm hopelessly in love with my friend.." It seems dumb to me now but I didn't answer him for an entire week!(I know I'm terrible but I was nervous because I've never been in love before!) so when I finally answered him he was shocked he said he seriously thought I'd say no but I told him that I didn't care what others thought or what he looked like. So I dated him and learned more about him. Turns out the reason he is still short and doesn't grow as fast as other people was because he has a rare disorder. When we dated the first time we were in 7th grade. It was really nice. I had already had other boyfriends but none were as serious as him. So when I first broke up with him I had a good reason. He was a total jerk to my best friend, being over possessive over me and they got into a real argument. (I got injured by him in the process when he told me to pick sides and I tried to tell him I picked both but he didn't believe me and shoved me away when I tried to hug him.) So I broke up with him. Later on at the beginning of my 8th grade year we got back together. It was even better but I had already made mistakes that I couldn't take back. (I have my first kiss away to some random guy after we broke up in 7th - we were at a party and someone literally poured ancho into my soda and got me drunk ON PURPOSE) So to clear the waters up he gave me my second "first kiss". It was a surprise because he did it after school when my friends and I were getting together to go to my house for my birthday party. (It was a few months before but I was sick and busy so we postponed it a lot.) but he did it in front of my best friends. They all flipped out and started gossiping about it. So after that we stayed together until he said something he shouldn't have. So then I broke it off with him again. Now! It's been almost a year since that happened and we are once again happily dating. But we've been together for an entire year since we made up a little while after we fought. I'm actually meeting with him now! Share your first love story below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️Happy Valentine's Day!😘😘😘
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