Intro: Day 3

One of my favorite hobbies is writing. I LOVE to write. I love writing down my feelings, poetry, and lyrics! It's a great feeling when the pen touches the paper and flows. Above are 3 of my favorite quotes and the last one I decided to write based on the drawing above it, since I absolutely love that drawing. Another Hobby of mine is taking pictures. To capture a moment is beautiful. I love sun flares and I love taking/making pictures to make mysterious vibes and sometimes make them have a sense of loneliness. Above I posted some pics of mine you may enjoy. so Enjoy !/-\ ^-^ Another hobby of mine is coloring. Since I cant draw good might as well color. haha (。◕‿◕。) I mentioned on Day 1 that I love to explore, and that's another hobby I enjoy. I love to explore in foresty areas, the scenery is beautiful and I love going off trails and seeing whats beyond. Seeing what I can find, that's what I like. There's a foresty park across town from me that I love going to not only because it has so many memories for me, but because its also relaxing and there are even new places that I find that I haven't crossed before. To me, foresty places are just an amazing place to be(: Last hobby I absolutely Love and Enjoy is dancing and music! I love to dance, I love listening to music because they're like my life. They both put my mind at ease when I'm stressed or upset. I love imagining what random choreo I can come up with when I listen to music and listening to amazing beats and see if I can write my own song from it. Just like the quote in the first slide said "Music is life, that's why our Hearts have beats" However even though I may not be an amazing dancer and haven't taken too many dance classes, I can say that I love dancing hip-hop and I'm pretty good at it. I can dance a bit of Latin. I want to try and learn contemporary because it's so beautiful to me. Even if I can learn a bit that would be enough for me(: But anyway, both dance and music have so much different feelings to them, I love to try to interpret and feel those feelings as well whether it be happy, mad, heartbroken. (Hope this tiny section made sense I'm half asleep writing this, so sorry if it sounds confusing!) @hikaymm