Panda Hearts (Short One Shot)

Hello my loverlys!!! It was hard to believe it has been almost an entire year since I posted anything..... but my dear friend Sailynn decided to call me back with a challenge. For those of you who remember us.... Sailynn and I had a bit of a fan fiction war going on and it kind of died... but we are back full force and ready to tease each other restlessly. We hope you enjoy! As always let me know if you would like to be added or removed from my list.... it is kind of old and out dated... Anyways.... On with the show!! ************************************************************************************* They glowed like shining brown orbs as they tracked her every movement; sending goosebumps up her arms, digging through her deepest and darkest secrets and desires as they pierced her soul. She knew that look all too well… and to say she didn’t fear it would be a lie. Too long had she ignored his texts and messages… too long had she tried to find just the right words to explain to him what had happened…. But how was she to admit her fault to someone so.. So.. perfect? Sailynn’s mouth went dry as she tried to look everywhere but at him. The marble floor spun with black and white around her feet as colorful fleets of shoes trampled the delicate design. The hem of her dress frayed ever so slightly on the left side and she restlessly pulled at the tiny strings. Maybe if she ignored him he would disappear. Maybe if she pretended to not have seen him looking straight at her she might be able to run away…. But much to her disappointment, as her eyes traveled back up to the spot on the wall he had been at moments ago… he was there… his eyes still bearing into her own. A nervous giggle left her lips as she tried to play off the erratic thump thump in her chest. “Earth to Sail?”
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