My Love For TVXQ (A Card)

Hello uh I am doing a Card for a GA so before I go on my rant I will introduce myself My name is Nadia I am 14 years old, I live in the USA/America, and I am asexual heteromantic(my first time revealing that online lol) And I became a kpop fan in early 2016(so I am still kinda new) So that's me! Here we go~ Anyway I guess I'll go into how I got into TVXQ and how I became a Cassie! So back in 2016 in my emo phase(UGH *war flashbacks*) I was really into reaction videos so when a video of these reactors popped up I was interested so I saw what they were reacting too and they were reacting to TVXQs 'Spellbound' so I watched the video out of curiosity and I instantly fell in love with Changmin and Yunho❤! NOW I will go into why I love them! I have loved them as if they were my own kids since I got into them in 2016 which is silly since I'm only 14 and only knew them for about 3 years But I have since cared for them! I bought all their album whether it was a physical or digital copy. I cheered for them while watching them perform at music shows and when I have the chance I vote for them and stream their MVs! Of course I am not the type of fan that would only care for voting and streaming Anyway when I get the chance to listen to music on my freetime I listen to their honey vocals and watch all their silly, cute, and sad moments Now I am gonna tell you guys what TVXQ has helped me through even if it is gonna sound cheezy Here we go on my depression ride! So I have been through alot in the last 3 years or so and TVXQ has been there for me ever since. After being a Cassie for a month or so my grandma Rosa passed away in the month of April of 2016. I had not gone to school for days and my family was also in a slump so I had no one to comfort me forreal so I comforted myself my listening to TVXQ songs. They were there for me when my Grandma Rosa passed. They were there for me when me and my family were evicted from our house and were basically homeless. They were there for me when my mom and dad got divorced and my dad left me and my brother for 6 months. They were there for me when I was heartbroken upon finding out my other grandma will pass away in a few months and that shes got dementia. They were there for me when my sister left the house. They were there for me when I would stress over school and grades. They were there for me when my mom would scold me and take away all my electronics. I made it through all that because of TVXQ. TVXQ has helped me through alot in the past 3 or so years.
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