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The Trip of a Life Time (Kim Taehyung FanFic)
The Beginning Y/N Pov *Packing my suitcases while playing the my favorite album* "Omma! Do you know where I put my new set of toothbrushes? I just bought it yesterday." I yelled. "It should be in the bottom cabinet in the bathroom." she answered. "Did you check if you already packed it?" she asks. "Let me check", I took out my clothes neatly, and spot the case where I had put the toothbrushes.... "Oh....Gomawo omma, what would I do without you?" I say as I rub the back of your neck. "I don't know y/n, what are you going to do without me?" she responds. We both laugh, and I start to put my clothes back in the bag. "Y/N, come down, it's time for dinner, we'll help you pack after ok!" my dad yells, from the kitchen. "Coming Appa!" I stopped packing and ran to the dining room, "Daebak! My favorite! Oh how I'm going to miss your cooking...Thank you! I love you soooooooooooo much" I say as I hug them. "No problem princess" they parents say in unison, hugging me tightly. "My little girl is no longer little anymore" your mom says as a tear falls from her eye. "Omma hajima, don't cry, I will always be your little girl" I say, trying to stop her from crying, and it works.... In just two days it'll be my first time traveling and living without my parents, and in a country thousands of miles away. I've been saving money for almost 2 years now, and I've finally saved enough to go to South Korea for a few months. I'll be staying in Seoul, in the small apartment that my parents got me for my birthday. My emotions are all over the place, I'm excited for one minute and scared the next. My parents constantly reminding me to take care of yourself and to be careful about strangers. I've already heard it like 20 times for the past few days, so I'll just stuff your face and allow them to continue.
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