2 years ago
#1 Rule Challenege
Soooo I wasn't really tagged but more like mentioned by @kpopandkimchi but yolo. Ignore the lack of pictures, don't really feel like making this card look pretty rn tbh A'ight so where to begin. Let's start with after I graduated high school. My parents kicked me out and I was practically living off of nothing. I was beyond broke and couldn't get myself into college because I was living in poverty. Now, rewind two years to the beginning of my junior year. I discovered K-pop in my junior year. Well, more like my best friend found it and I got into it. Now, present day friend and I don't even speak anymore, but we're not gonna worry about that. I found K-pop to be basically the best thing ever. The music was catchy and the dances were on point. Back then I was really only into SHINee and EXO, but as we've established I've branched out. Back to present day. I've always wanted to perform and be an entertainer. I loved being onstage. However, due to where I live, performing arts aren't appreciated. Like, at all. Taking any sort of music classes made you a geek and everyone hated you. Literally. I'm not even joking. But learning about the struggles of some K-pop stars and how much work they had to do, I've been trying to better myself. Performing makes me happy, and while sometimes I think life isn't even worth it, I imagine myself doing what I love in front of an audience and having all these people cheer and actually want to be there to watch me. Realistically, this has about a 1% chance of being achieved and everyone tells me I should go for something I don't want to do like be a chemical engineer or whatever. Honestly, I'm still a lost soul who has an emotional breakdown over the dumbest things (such as crying over mismatched socks). But K-pop makes me happy, performing makes me happy, and just being on this app makes me happy.