Who says a fae can't be a hunter? Chapter 1/?

Sam ran a hand through his hair as he looked on the computer. This looked like a new case. "Hey dean, come over here!" he called, motioning to the screen of his laptop. There had been strange murder in a small town called Farmington hills near them. It looked as though he'd been pulled apart. The only problem? He'd been killed in his locked apartment. Sam looked to his brother. "I think I found us a case." he said, watching as Dean read over the article. The coincidences were just to much. It had to be the work of something otherworldly. Dean looked to his brother, scratching his stubbled chin. "I think you're right." Meanwhile, the queen of the dark fae watched the lives of the winchester's from a mirror in her study. She licked her lips. "Hmm, the older brother is sexy, but I'm more interested in their angel." she quipped, watching as the boys drove Baby to farmington hills. She was curious about what was going on, so she looked into the murder. What she saw floored her. On the victim's arm was an emblem. A curse she had designed herself to torture her enemies. Who else would know it? Only the fae knew of her magic. The tree of pain is meant only to be used in intense need, so why was it on the arms of these mortal murder victims? Krystal decided to investigate further, hiding in plain sight in moondor, helping the queen. "Yes, my leige. it is a very old crest of the shadow orcs, but it has a darker use. A faerie spell of torturous magic." she explained, disguised as a normal elf.