If my pets were BTS members XD

So @vixenvivi and I were talking and we decided my pets fit some BTS members perfectly! So feel free to judge/ laugh along at my dorkyness First is Jin! My border collie's name is Princess so obviously she would make a perfect Jin considering he's the princess of BTS. She lives up to her name too, she hates going outside in the rain and demands to have her belly rubbed. On top of that she's the oldest so yeah! Next is Jimin! This is my other dog, Sydney. She's a lot like Jimin in the fact that she's an attention whore! When I try to pet my other pets or pay attention to them she comes butting in and doesn't let me! She also literally follows me around everywhere I go which is sweet but can get annoying at times lol. She's the baby of the group just like Jimin is a part of the maknae line. Suga! My cat, Frito is the exact animal form of Suga. He will be sleeping on the bed, I'll leave for work and come back several hours later and he will be literally in the exact same spot I saw him in before I left! He's also super sweet and cuddly. Lastly, he's the second oldest, just like Suga ๐Ÿ˜Š. Last but not least, V! My black cat, Zoey, is the weirdest cat alive. She doesn't meow but squeaks. She's super curious about everything and has the most alien looking eyes. Hence she is officially the alien of BTS. So anyways I know this was super nerdy but I hope you enjoyed it XD I love my pets and I would probably have more if I had a bigger house... and more money lol. Maybe I'll get enough to have one for each BTS member XD
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