Favorite 'Immortal Song' Performances!

Immortal Song(s)(2)? is a pretty awesome show and I love how everything on the show is live. The singing, dancing, orchestra/bands are all live! Which makes it really special! So here are some of my all time favorite performances on the show! (In no particular order.) Ailee with that song originally by JYP. This song is so fun and she kills it! Her vocals, on all of her Immortal Song performances, just slay! EXO- "With You" it's got snippets of that old American song in it. I can't remember the name of that song either. This song has the intro and instrumental of that American song. Chen, Baekhyun, and Kyungsoo are really showcasing their voices in this song. EXO lost to Ailee with this performance though. But I'm okay with that because Ailee killed her performance too! Ze:a covering "Step by Step" by New Kidz on the Block. This is by far my all time favorite Immortal Song performance! All four of them are so powerful in this song with their dancing and singing. Props to the members that don't usually speak English like Kevin for doing such a great job with it!! Chen & Baekhyun with "I Really Didn't Know". This performance had me crying by the end. It really builds and both young men do incredible jobs with this song. Their voices really pull the whole song together! They totally SLAY! Also, Chanyeol ' s concerned face pops up every now and then. :P Finally, last but certainly not least, and again. Ailee with "Empty Glass". She really gets into it! She gets rid of her hat, she gets rid of her shoes! (everyone's reaction when she does that :D) I'm not sure how you all feel but Ailee is the queen of Immortal Song! She beat EXO with this performance and like I said earlier, EXO really did a pretty fantastic job with their performance too!
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