Cool in the Shade: Summer Style Watch

This year’s summer trend is perfect for protecting your skin from the hot days in the sun. Just in time for the hottest part of the summer, wide brims hats have taken the fashion world by storm this season. Their popularity has created a demand large enough to inspire nearly all major stores hop on the trend and make this accessory available for the average shopper. Coming in various shapes and sizes, these hats not only look great, but will keep you sun-safe from the chest up. Wide brims hats will turn up the drama in your wardrobe, recalling the glamorous Old Hollywood era or bustling resorts in the south of France. For a more modern inspiration, look to the fashionable witches in American Horror Story: Coven, or the lovely ladies of Mad Men. They exude confidence, power, and grace with this new take on a classic look. Especially in moody, dark colors, like black or navy, you’ll be sure to turn heads. The shape of the wide brim compliments any face shape, even if you find that you don’t usually look good in hats. The brim will contour to your face, creating a slimming effect. It will also create dramatic lighting on your face that will hide any skin blemishes while highlighting bone structure. From your eyes to your jaw line, the wide brim hat will make you look angular, confident, and mysterious. The larger hats also do wonders for all body shapes. Because of the large accessory on the top, it makes your waist and hips look significantly smaller. Go for an Old Hollywood look with a classic black hat, or make it fun with a pastel wide brim with feathers. Try pairing wide brim hats with skinny jeans, maxi dresses, and, of course, bathing suits! Finish off the look with a pair of sunglasses and you are made in the shade!