(MAG) Favorite Friday

Today we list our fav animes/characters. So here we go! Naruto!!! This is one of my fav animes (despite all the annoying fillers). Watching Naruto grow from a little knuckleheaded boy who was alone and isolated because of his status as a jinchuriki to a hero who made everyone acknowledge him and admire him who heart warming. He really started from the very bottom and fulfilled his dream of being hokage! He never gave up on anyone and changed the way people thought! Inuyasha!!!!!! This was one of my first animes tht I watched and I was obsessed with it for a long time (what am I saying I still love this show to death)! Inuyasha is a half demon from the Feudal Era who gets sealed to a tree for 50 years after an evil demon tricked him and his lover Kikyo into thinking they betrayed each other. Kagome is the girl from modern times who falls through a well in her shrine and ends up in the feudal era and lo and behold she meets Inuyasha! They are initially hostile towards each other especially since Kagome strongly resembles the dead Kikyo but their relationship grows as they hunt for shards of the Shikon Jewel tht Kagome accidentally shattered. Orange! I also listed this one in my sad Sunday card so the full summary is there but this is one of my recent favs. It's just a really intriguing and heartwarming anime. The characters are lovable and endearing. You really root for them. I highly recommend this one! :) Ghost Hunt!!!! I know I just did this one for Terrifying Thursday but it really is one of my favs! I love watching horror things and this is one tht was funny, scary, and had romance too. I loved the characters! They were all unique and let's be honest they all work well together! But I do recommend this one if you're into ghosts and horror! Detective Conan!!!! This one has been going on for 20 years and still going strong. Shinichi Kudo is a 17 year old high school detective who gets caught up in a bad situation and is poisoned. Instead of dying, however, he is turned into a 7 year old. He then starts using the name Conan Edogawa as a alias and goes to live with his childhood sweetheart's father who is also a detective in order to find out about the mysterious organization he got caught up in. I watched this one when I was a kid and forgot about until a year ago and got hooked again. It's a great mystery anime and I also highly recommend it too!