My Imaginary K-Pop Group [Challenge]

Hey everyone~ LiNaHyun here with a challenge of sorts for everyone. Create you own Imaginary K-Pop group. I have a very active imagination so making characters is a regular thing for me as I'm a writer as well and my imaginary group has been with me since I started liking K-Pop back in 2008. I will be using ulzzangs in this, you may chose to do so as well ^^ So without further ado, let me introduce you to my K-Pop idols. So first and foremost, my idols' group's name is D-EVO. Which stands for Dance Evolution. My group majors in dance. Any dance, hip hop, b-boy, freestyle, pop, tango, waltz, salsa, etc. They are signed under Starship Entertainment and debuted in 2008. My group also hosts a show on ariang called "Dancing Around The World", with the group members MCing the show 3 members at a time with guests coming in weekly ^^ In the show, the members with their guests, will play different games that come from around the world, as well as talk to fans through live video chat. The group consists of 7 family members (they're all cousins unless stated otherwise ^^) whom I will introduce to you right now ^^ First up we got our leader oppa, Jayden! Full Name: Kwon Jae Min English Name: Jayden Kwon
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Get to Know Me!! ^^

Thank you to @B1A4BTS5ever for tagging me ^^ you and @kpopandkimchi are always tagging me in stuff, not that I mind lol My full name is Salina Koulavongsa (said exactly how its spelled lol) My username is actually a combination of mine and Baekhyun's name lol. My favorite K-Pop group?? Oh man, its so hard to pick one but if I had too it'd probably be EXO then B.A.P, VIXX, MONSTA X, GOT7, those are the ones I can name off the top of my head lol. Can anyone guess where I live from the picture?? That's right~ I live in the ever so busy city, sin city itself, Las Vegas. (I can actually see my condo building in this picture lol) Well, ever since I was a child, I've always dreamed of becoming a singer, I LOVE to sing, even though I'm okay at it ^^"
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Rule #1 Challenge

So a few days ago, I was challenged by @B1A4BTS5ever and @katiems to create my rule #1 challenge. RULE #1 Challenge: 1: Make a card about something you've been struggling with or something that has stood in the way of your happiness before, is there something in Kpop that inspired you or has helped you through this? Share your story! 2: Comment on fellow Kpop Vingle fams story, give some advice and then relate their story to a Kpop song or idol it reminds you of! I try not to let my personal life out there too much but I'm gonna share a story with you guys and be warned, its a little angst (more like a lot). So listen carefully ^^ Maybe about 6 or 7 years ago, I was 14/15. It was a time where I was transitioning from middle school to high school. Now, I come from a very conservative and strict family so I didn't have many friends growing up, if any, even if I grew up in a small town. So I began high school with no friends, a few acquaintances here and there but I didn't have a "group" I belonged in. Though this may seem normal to some of you, it really wasn't for me. During my first two years of high school, my family was going through a lot of traumatic events. My sister leaving our house in an uproar after she just graduated high school to live out on her own with her boyfriend at the time. Though this doesn't sound too bad, it caused a lot of tension between my sister, my mom and my aunt since my sister was a bit of the wild child during high school. There was that, along with my brother leaving to go live with my dad. Which basically left me all by myself go deal with the stress.
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