Challenge: Day 1

My username is my actual name. I was extremely tired when I made this account.... Yeop. Pretty boring. No, I was not named after Loretta Lynn or the actress. I don't even know her last name... It might start with an 'f'..? Idk. Dad want me to have a name that wasn't already in the family. When mom got into genealogy, she found out that he failed. I wasn't that shocked. My great grandpa's name is Doc and even farther down the line is Chalk. If that doesn't show the wide range in name in our family... Then I don't know what to tell you. More info on me... I'm twenty one years old. I'm not one to go out drinking. I couldn't tell the taste differences between alcohol and pop. They both have their own taste and burn going down my throat. I live in Kentucky. I'm addicted to sweet tea. I'm not kidding. I'm pretty sure I have a substance abuse to sweet tea. Mom swears that my attitude changes when I don't have it. Hmmm... If you have any questions you wanna ask, then go ahead and ask. I don't mind. I'm think about changing my username to my support name. 'Art-illery' I really like it! It brings out the fact that I love art and weapons! They didn't know that though when they came up with my name though. I just told them that I like art. So I feel really special with the name! This is for those that don't know the challenge. I hope a lot of you all participate! I'm really looking forward to knowing everyone!