Dreams: Ch. 1- He whom takes for granted

FORWARD (respective copyrights for photos. I do not own these) (Skip below to dream) It becomes apparent that as we awaken from dreams, we eventually forget them. Rarely do I remember any of my dreams for more than a day, however my friends has requested time and time again that I start to make a dream journal. I've never been so motivated to start one until the dream I had just awaken from this night. My subconscious mind is rather not mine but a mind of it's own. It is dark, twisted, and ever reaching new depths of emotion. If it were not barred behind my conscious bars, this world would really become a hell. without further ado, my dream- With a haze, my eyes open groggily. I gaze into the bright sky for a moment and realize the rubble piled on top of my lower torso and legs. I brush it off and slowly stand up amidst the surrounding debris. Evidence suggests I had continued from my previous dream, where a tornado threatened the life of my coworkers. By the looks of it, I had succeeded in my mission. I continue to look around to grasp the bearing of my location. Slowly trees form around me. The breeze is gentle and the sun warming to the soul. I found myself along the outskirts of a city- one that constantly changes back and forth between my dreams.