#weneedyouhoseok J-Hope Fluff ☁️

Pick your outfit πŸ’— Enjoy this cheesy fluff short story thing about J-Hope! I step out of the warm cab into the cold air of Seoul, I haven't been here in months. Only three people know that I'm here; Seokjin, Namjoon, and Yoongi. The whole reason I'm here is to surprise my boyfriend of one and a half wonderful years Hoseok, whom is under the impression that I'm taking exams for school this week from what I've informed him untruthfully. I haven't told Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung yet because Namjoon said that they would most likely blurt it out to Hoseok on accident. Gotta love them right? Hoseok has been practicing on his rapping since BTS is having a comeback in May, he wants to be perfect, I just wish he knew how perfect he really is and stop pushing himself so hard. He's been stressing about being perfect because of all the hate he's been getting lately. Every time we are video chatting he will ask me which outfit looks better or how he should style his hair. It makes me sad to see him like this. He's missed me a lot, he won't tell me directly but I can tell how much he misses me every time we say goodbye on video chats, you can see it in his face and hear it in his tone. I pay the cab driver and walk to the Bit Hit studio's fancy doors, pulling the frigid handles, the warm air inside the building pulling me in. I see a lady at the desk and by the look on her face she's not going to let me in even if I showed her the texts messages from the three boys. I pull out my phone and text Seokjin. "Hey, the lady out here looks mean can you let me in?" I send the text, my fingers shaking in excitement knowing that I'm going to see him in a few minutes. He replies with a simple okay and within a few minutes I hear the ding of the elevator and a broad-shouldered princess walking towards me. We step inside the elevator and excitement filled the silent (but not awkward) air. The doors open and I step out turning around and waving bye to Seokjin. "Bye, thank you again!" I smile as the doors close. They promised that I could be alone when I surprise Hoseok. I stop at the closed door of the recording room and hear music playing, stopping, playing, stopping... I hear faint rapping but the door conceals most of it. I slowly turn the knob and crack the door open peaking in while the music played.
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