Give Me Your Worst

See it's AMVs like this that make me want to give To Aru Majutsu no Index another chance. I've tried watching it 3 different times now and could only get to the part with the girl's clones being created for the sole purpose of allowing Xccelerator to reach his full potential or something like that. But that's as far as I get because I'm a shounen addict. I need a strong lead or one with a lot of potential. Otherwise I'll be bored out of my mind. With that said this AMV makes me think it gets sooo much cooler. The AMV itself is awesome and has a lot of my favorite shows in it. Even had some I don't recognize. Might have to go on an anime hunt pretty soon. The song is INCREDIBLE. I love it. Timing is on point as well. Kudos to KuroAnime. You made a great one and it deserves way more views than it has. I'll post the video info in the comments. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go murder the replay button..

29 Days of Marvel: Days 1 & 2

I'm getting off to a very late start but instead of trying to stuff all 29 days in one card, I'm gonna post two or three or four or five in one card everyday until I catch up with everyone else. I hope that's okay? @shannonl5 Day 1: Introduction My name is MaJahn, formally spelled with a capital "j". Nice to meet everyone. I'm often asked if I'm French because of the way my name is pronounced (like "Dijon" with "may" in front instead of "di"). Anyway, I love Marvel and my favorite character is Moon Knight because I he's not super special like say Ms. Marvel yet he still kicks ass. Kinda like the Punisher. Plus the moon is my absolute favorite thing in the night sky that can be seen with the naked eye and well Moon Knight's abilities just so happen to reflect that. And just look at him. How can you not be in awe of such a magnificent figure? I mean come on people. Day 2: Fight I Want To See I want to see a fight between Carnage and Venompool. I know there isn't much about Venompool but I did like the concept of Venom and Deadpool combining. Not only would he have an insatiable bloodlust but he would have the skills, technique, and intelligence to attempt to satisfy it. And that isn't even mentioning the abilities of the symbiote. Also Deadpool's insane regenerative abilities would make him one the most formidable forces in the Marvel universe I think. Unfortunately, the symbiote possessing Deadpool means no more funny quips or 4th wall breaks but I can live with that because, I mean he would be unstoppable wouldn't he? And then there's Carnage. That name alone alludes to a being obsessed with the spread of death and destruction. A bloodlust more out of control than Venom's, an unstable form that allows for enhanced regeneration, and toxicity that would melt your face off. I don't know about you but I think this would be a fight for the ages. Tags: