Hi everyone I think you all know whats going on already so let me get to the point. First of all I'm really pissed off that everyone is putting this pressure on BAMBAM and yugyoem. THEY ARE HUMANS TOO! there's no reason why we should treat them different from us yes they might be idols but they are still human they are not perfect! They are going to make mistakes. to be honest I'm disappointed in America out of all the people in US to blame they blame a kid that's not from here for using a word that most teens he age use in everyday life in America and even after apologizing some people are still taking it up the butt I'm sorry for my words but it's true. Then to call yugyoem fat and a drunk! that's just not right like c'mon yugyoem is perfect in his own way because he's yugyoem now I feel because of all this hate yugyoem is not going to be comfortable in his own body he going to think that he needs to lose weight and diet. to be honest I don't want that for yugyoem his still just a kid and you all know that some idols starve themselves to lose weight . I personally don't want to see him suffer and get sick to try to lose weight. I just don't ..I want got7 to know that we love them the way they are they don't need to change and no matter how many times they fall we will also help them get back up on their feet no matter how long it takes! thank you for taking the time to read this