MONSTERS THE FINALE: SIMONS’s DREAM Simon’s Perspective Darkness. I opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by nothing but darkness. It was so dark, that I couldn’t even see my own hand in front of my face. Where the fuck am I? Slowly getting up, I place on my hands on something cold, wet and damp. What the fuck? I stand up fully and wipe what seemed to be dirt from my hands. I have come to the realization that I’m not in my own bed nor am I somewhere familiar. Or am I? Moving my hands around mindlessly around in front of me as if sensing where the right way to the door was. Slowly, step by step I moved quietly desperately looking for some kind of light. After what felt like an eternity, I finally found a small fire that seemed to have been floating in the air. As I looked deeper it was being held by, some figure. I couldn’t quite make out who or what it was, but I followed it hoping it will lead me to the fucking exit. I’m never one to get scared but this place put a fear in me that I have never felt before. What the fuck is this place? “How do you not remember the place you created with the blood of your ‘enemies’?” “Who’s there?” I said turning around looking to see where that voice was coming from.
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MONSTERS THE FINALE: THE END OF THE BEGINNING PT. I Simon’s Perspective It’s been a hell of a day. Contracts to finish up, messes to clean up, deals to be made and finished in their entirety. It was all well worth it in the end. Gathering my things as I was about to head out the door, I notice that the light in Alexis’ office was still on. Where the hell could she have gone? Her desk was a mess with papers everywhere, from the past couple of days transactions. She isn’t like this. She wouldn’t just leave her work like this unless something urgent came up. I don’t know what it could have been but shit she could have told me before up and bouncing out on me. Shuffling through the papers on her desk, I organized them according to the days with which each transaction took place and the one’s with the utmost importance were placed on top. If there was one thing I knew for certain about Alexis, it was how organized she was when it came to handling business. In the midst of my thoughts, my phone begins to ring and I pick it up looking at the screen to see that it’s MJ. Noticing what time it is, I wonder what she’s doing up so late. “What’s up baby girl?!” “Hey baby. What are you doing right now?”