Thorn- chapter 1

Chapter 1!!! I don’t know how the education system in South-Korea works and what you have to do in order to get accepted to an university so I am just going to use the system that we have here in the Netherlands. I hope that you will enjoy reading this fanfic! Character thoughts are written in bold. Narrator POV Kim Seul Bi is a 22 year old student who is very hardworking and is studying to get her Bachelor degree in Medical Sciences. She really wants to become a doctor, as a matter of fact, it is all she talks about. The essentials to get into the university and also be able to study Medical Sciences are to have good grades and also a good curriculum vitae. Therefore, she participated in extra schoolactivities, did a lot of volunteering at a retirement home after school and even started a food bank project with Han Sae Ron (A food bank is a non-profit, charitable organisation that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger).They collected a lot of food that could last for a long time (like canned foods etc.) to give to the organisation. Her hard work paid off and she got accepted to the university. Kim Seul Bi lives in a two-bedroom apartment with her best friend Han Sae Ron who was also studying for her Bachelor degree in Medical Sciences at the same university. It was already the middle of the school-year when Han Sae Ron told her best friend and roommate of 3 years that her boyfriend had proposed to her.
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