Can relationships be perfect ? can the relationships be without benefits or self interests ? The answer to both is no relationships can never be perfect you have to accept the flaws in order for it to sustain in the long run. And also relationships can never be 50:50 meaning you won't receive the same amount which you give so the question is how far can a person go in order to make it work in the long run which again depends on individuals. Actually it's easier said than done how far you can be accommodative of your partner depends only on you. The most interesting fact here is that most of the committed relationships over a period is tested and only very few emerge successful as they would have had strong foundation on love right from the beginning where the partners are highly considerate about each others feelings and are willing to sacrifice more than their part to make the relationship going. Now the next question yes there is a bit of self interest involved in any relationship especially love in this generation the only way you can deny this is by being saints which is impossible at least for humans. But for very few these benefits could be happiness of their loved ones which is noble. At the end of the day we can't deny the fact we are humans and are bound to show emotions when our feelings are not reciprocated. The question here is can you suppress your emotion for your loved ones. I welcome and appreciate all of your views on this and I would be happy if someone can disprove the above facts.