Why I am Weird in 5 gifs/pics!

Aye so I think this challenge was a million years ago AND I AM LATE but look guys. I am old and get home from work late and LOOK I AM JUST OLD AND TRYING TO MAKE EXCUSES FOR THAT. But I'm still cool I swear... *super rad flexing poses* ANYWAYS FACT ONE: I super HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE when squeezable condiments, regardless of container shape or intended resting orientation, are not positioned upside down for full utilization of its innards. I HATE IT WAY MORE THAN ANYONE SHOULD HATE ANYTHING. The peace I feel in my heart from the above image is just... it's bliss guys. Pure bliss. FACT TWO: I love nail care beyond the extent of just painting them and putting design decals on them and trimming and/or filing them every day. WAAAAAY BEYOND. Example: If someone I didn't super know was like "Hey Meesh would you cut my toenails and fingernails for me?" I'd 97.6% prolly say yes unless their foot was falling off or something. And I'd do it fo free. The fulfillment of clean and trimmed fingernails and toenails... I'm weird THIS IS ABOUT BEING WEIRD DON'T JUDGE. FACT THREE: I constantly sing about whatever I am doing at the moment. Sending a fax at work? Fax Song by Meesh. Eating a donut? Donut Serenade no. 12 by Meesh. Wishing my cat would stop trying to eat my hair while making this card? Ode to Vincent, the A-Hole-Asaurus Cat by Meesh. These mini-saga's also usually come with some form of dance/shimmy no one should ever have to witness. Sorry NOT SORRY HAAAAAAAAAA *runs off*