ARMY. We need to talk about this!

I am just disappointed in all of y'all that are making such a big deal about this! They boys need to have a life outside of BTS, and we can't stop that. Guys, it is just a show. Jin isn't leaving us, he isn't leaving the band, he's still Jin! I can understand that y'all are jealous and angry, but that shouldn't matter when it comes to the boys! And some people are saying they want to leave the ARMY because of this?! No! Guys! It's my that big of a deal! At this rate the boys won't even be able to get a girlfriend because of the ARMY. Well guys, they are going to have to eventually. They are pig to eventually move on from BTS and have a life and family. Imagine how Jin, and the other boys, would feel if they found out how the some of y'all feel! They would be beyond hurt! They work so hard to please their fans and this is what they get back?! No! Guys! Why can't we all just support Jin through this? It'll make him happy, isn't that all that matters? The boys' happiness? I don't know how to say this any nicer, but guys y'all just need to support Jin and Eunji because this is what they wanted to do and it will likely make them both happy.
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