BTS Help

So I was first introduced to BTS through Vingle and I listened to their song, 'Run' because everyone was posting about it and I was curious. I really liked the song and it stuck in my head. I watched a couple variety shows that they were on and I've been trying to memorize who is who. My friend was visiting Chicago and came across a kpop store and asked me what bands I liked and off the top of my head I said, 'Bigbang, EXO, and BTS'. Basically long story short, I really like BTS but I want to know more about them and really become part of the A.R.M.Y by basically becoming obsessed with them just like all the other bands and fangirls If you guys could help me out by sending me some links or suggestions for songs, videos, or shows to watch concerning BTS that would be much appreciated and extremely amazing of you! With your help, soon I'll be a huge BTS fangirl and I'll actually understand the jokes/relates I see on here that have to do with them