Is Being Multi-Fandom Real?

So I'm making this card for discussion purposes because I'm genuinely curious what people think. This isn't meant as an attack or anything just something that I've noticed. So to me multi-fandom means that you consider yourself to be in multiple fan groups. So you would be VIP and Black Jack or Exo-L and Angel. Maybe even consider yourself more than two but when it comes down to it can people really consider themselves multi fandom? I think of being part of a fandom as being that you will support that group no matter what. When it comes to voting you will always vote for that group and when it comes to that group's promotions you will only stream that group. I've been seeing many people saying they are multi-fandom and trying to support two groups at the same time but when someone votes for multiple groups or streams for multiple groups that person is just undoing their own work. They basically just cancel out their own vote and the same goes for streaming. Basically to me it seems like they end up hurting both groups. So for me I consider myself a fan of multiple groups. I own albums for different groups listen to music by multiple groups and watch videos of multiple groups but I only consider myself part of one fandom. For me that's ARMY because when it comes down to it I only want to vote and stream for BTS and I feel that, that does not make me apart of other fandoms. Don't get me wrong though. I help the other groups that I like but only if helping them doesn't interfere with BTS. I'm mostly just curious what other people think on this matter.
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