Pumpkin Donuts

@allischaaff wanted a picture of pumpkin donuts so I thought I'd make a card out of it.... (btw imagine the donuts as the pre-sugar coating in the picture) So there's these a a huge part of fall celebrations in my household. Every year around Thanksgiving time, my grandma would make these homemade pumpkin donuts and they're everything you could ever imagine frome the name. They're light and fluffy with the lightly crisp outer shell, the inside is warm and just fills you with this immediate feeling of home and happy times. The ratio between doughy goodness and pumpkin flavor is impeccable and wraps all the good feelings of fall time into a few bites. Sometimes they would even be glazed with a sugary pumpkin frosting but I preferred them raw and simple, the kind of donut you would want to dunk into some good old cowboy coffee or if you're like I was, I didn't get into coffee until later, I would take a HUGE bite and wash it down with some cold milk. This tastes the best if the donuts are really fresh, like really warm. The contrast between hot and cold was amazing!! well that's my long story if you have any amazing foods/drinks with equally great back stories, please do share