Why do you watch your type of anime?

I'm still kinda new to anime. I watched the basic mainstream stuff in the U.S. when I was a kid(born 91); DBZ, yu yu hakusho, techni muyo! Ryo-ohki, pokemon, etc. Didn't watch any anime since end of the DBZ run on toonami. However since January I have been watching a fair amount. It started with regard watching all of the tenchi muyo! series (if you want to cry watch all the episodes of tenchi in Tokyo, hits you like a brick at the end). I then did my research about it and found out it started the harem genre. I branched out from there watching various harem anime and loved the funny situations they got themselves into. the ecchi is nice but the laughs keep me going. Maybe I keep on going since it's an easy watch. No heavy story. It's the opposite of my daily life of senior in college going for electrical engineering; heavy math, logic and programming. Maybe it's because I slightly had my own harem in middle school and I was as dumb as the MC you find in these anime ( will explain if asked, this is already too long). We already know why we watch anime (because it's awesome and different from the world). My question is why you, the community members watch the anime you watch? Picture: Satellizer El Bridget, Freezing season 2