How to Choose the Best Songs for Your Workout Playlist

Whether you are racing through a three-mile cardio run or lifting weights at the gym, chances are you have a workout playlist filled with songs that get you through those miles or reps. It was probably difficult to create that playlist, since finding the right song to fit the goals of any workout routine can be a challenge. Filling your list with your favorite songs or classic pop hits never seems to work just right. Rather than cruise through your routine, you probably find yourself skipping songs to find the one that pushes you harder and faster. How do you build the best playlist for your workout? Here are four steps you can take to mix it up and make it last: Build Your List Like Your Routine Every athlete creates very specific strength and cardio routines. For example, a runner knows to start slow and build speed, followed by a fast finish and a cool down. Build your playlist similarly. Begin with slower tempo songs that help you get your routine revving, then transition to more uptempo songs that push you through those faster miles. End by returning to a slower tempo, lighter fare that promotes recovery. Soon you’ll say there’s nothing better than the right cool-down song accompanied by a delicious isolate protein shake Science backs up this method. Studies show that faster-paced music can enhance athletic performance, pushing you to increase your pace and distance without increasing physical exertion.

Things to Consider When You Retire

If you are preparing to retire, there are many factors to think about in terms of your new lifestyle. Here are some things to make sure you address before you retire, so you can enjoy your golden years in peace. Pension and Social Security Depending on when you retire and the type of job that you had before you decide to stop working, you will either receive a pension, a Social Security stipend, or both as income to support yourself when you are no longer employed. It is important to use these payments to calculate how much income you will be earning every year, as well as any other financial factors, such as investments, stocks, dividends, and retirement savings accounts, like your 401(k). If you retire from a career where you have a pension, often times this amount exceeds what Social Security offers. Your pension amount is determined by how long you worked for the company, as well as a percentage of what your salary was. Medical Coverage Many retirees have access to health insurance as part of their pension plan from the job they retired from, but for a cheaper and more universal alternative, it may be a good idea to consider medicare insurance as your primary form of healthcare. Medicare is often cited as the most popular and easy to navigate system for seniors. If you are suffering from a condition that requires prescription medicine every month or require regular doctor's appointments without having to worry about the cost or what your insurance plan will cover, then Medicare may be the best option for you and your spouse. Staying healthy is an integral part of making the most out of retirement. Housing

5 Best Must Haves for the Outdoor Living Space of Your Dreams

You want to turn your backyard into an oasis, a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax your mind. The perfect outdoor living space has features that prompt you to make excuses just to go outdoors no matter the season. In the summer, you can grab a glass of lemonade and take a dip into the pool. During the winter, you can sip some hot cocoa while you warm up next to your outdoor fireplace. These are just a few must haves to make your outdoor living space into a dream. 1. Grill While most people have an outdoor grill, it’s still a must have for the perfect outdoor living space. You can grill delicious burgers, chicken and fish. Veggies are also quite tasty when cooked on the grill. When the weather is perfect, there’s nothing better than breathing in fresh air while you make dinner for your family. Having a grill would also be nice if you like to host cookouts and barbecues. 2. Outdoor Kitchen An outdoor grill is a great addition to your backyard, but have you thought about having an entire kitchen for your outdoor living space? With this feature, you wouldn’t have to worry about going in and out to get water or wash dishes while cooking on your outdoor grill. You’ll have counters to chop food on, a stove to make delicious meals and a sink for cleaning up afterwards. This is especially beneficial if you want to host parties outdoors. While you prepare food, you can still entertain your guests at the same time.