♡♡Bangtan hearts♡♡

Hello! This is Bangtan hearts! We have started a fan project made just for international fans! (And Korean fans too) Bangtan Hearts is a way for international fans to show our love for BTS, because it is so hard for fans to show love for BTS, we have made this fan project so fans are able to show love for BTS! This project ensures that all letters sent to us, will be sent directly to BigHit in december! love and unity is very important in the KPOP world, without it BTS would not be a group, we think that it can sometimes be hard for international fans to show exactly how much we love BTS, so all who participate will be able to show our love individually! All you have to do is write your letter on a piece of origami paper and fold it into an origami heart and send it to us! Once all letter have been collected we are shipping all of them off directly to BTS so that way they can see just how much we love BTS! More in how to participate in this project at the group page! Please like the page for ALL official updates on the project! Thank you very much! https://m.facebook.com/bangtan.hearts please make sure to share with friends!
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