2 years ago
Time for Bed!
And it's time for bed! @Regrann from @drshimikang - Get your beds nice and cozy tonight because it is #WorldSleepDay! Let us celebrate this day with lots of rest over the weekend to #recharge for the upcoming week. But remember not to oversleep, because having too much #sleep isn't healthy either. From the young to elderly, many of us are guilty of putting sleep on the back burner and letting life get in the way of our nightly Zzz’s, and it's wreaking havoc on our health! Trust me, I get it. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day - there's always more work to finish, events to attend, TV shows to catch up on, house chores to do, family members to take care of, daily errands to complete, and on and on. With so much going on, on top of electronic and technological stimulation, it’s no wonder we can’t or won’t sleep at night! However, sleep is not a waste of time or "for the dead" - it is what keeps you alive, motivated and #happy. Sleep has a number of #benefits that we fail to recognize when practically buried in work. For instance, sleep reduces #stress; lowers blood pressure; allows your body to repair its cells that make your body stronger and mind think with clarity; improves memory and brain function; elevates your mood and therefore your outlook on stressful situations, how you handle them, and your relationships; lowers risk of cancer; balances your appetite and metabolism; reduces risk of accidents; improves the likelihood of thinking innovatively and problem solving creatively - the list of benefits is endless. So the next time you want to hit the snooze button to give yourself a few extra minutes or hour, do. Prioritizing rest isn’t always easy, but your mind, body, relationships and ambitions will thank you for it.