What all Kpoppers have to deal with

We all have to deal with Kpop hate at some point. Whether you're out in public, hanging out with friends, or when you're with your family. These are just some of the things I heard. I believe Luhan's face represents most of the looks I've received all in one. #1: All songs sound the same Seriously? You need an ear check-up, desperately! So far, from what I've seen, some people say this when they listen to Gangnam Style and Gentlemen. If someone says that, what you should do, is show them different types of artists. Start out with Gee, and hit them with Overdose or, Ring Ding Dong. Whatever you do, please don't criticize the types of music they listen to, simply hit them back with Happiness!! (get it?) They should respect you!! #2: All Koreans get plastic surgery When I showed someone from my youth organization a photo of my bias, the first thing they said is, "Look at all that plastic surgery." Which is incredibly rude! Besides, there are American artists that have gotten surgery like, Cher, or Micheal Jackson. Also, not all Koreans get plastic surgery!! If you need an example, D.O Kyungsoo! I know some people that have told me that he had lip injections, which is, INCREDIBLY FALSE! That man has natural lips! He is all natural!! #3: Kpop idols can't sing
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