Prayers for Karmel Family. R.I.P Mark Karmel

Hey guys...so today was one of the worst days of my life..everything was going fine. until a friend of my asked me if i have heard the bad news..i said no..she said she was so sorry..i thought she did something to herself....so i cried...then she texted me..that it was about my favorite 7Th grade teacher...He passed away....so young.....from a brain tumor..and tbh this hit me so hard..i start to cry and just yell..at first i just thought it was a dream..or they were just messing with me..but no its real...he actually passed away....i only knew him for my 7th grade year..but we were so close. he even knew i liked kpop and sometimes he would play kpop in the room and played kpop mvs infront of the class on the board...it was so much fun...i knew he had a brain tumor before he died because a couple of months ago he got into a car wreck because he had a seizur and they later on the day found a tumor in his brain.. that day i completely fell apart too.but today its worse....anyways..please send prayers to the Karmel Family...they really need it. for his lovely wife and 2 daughters.......R.I.P Mark Karmel...we all love you..we all will miss you so so much..i will remember all the good times we had in the class room and i will work harder in school for you to make you proud as you watch us from above.
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