2 years ago
If you've read The Great Gatsby, my fanfic is for you
Alright, so I wrote this about a year and a half ago for one of my creative writing classes. Some could say it's because the same teacher made us read the book another time prior, or because I actually enjoyed the book. Yes, "The Great Gatsby" is full of symbols and underlying emotions/possibilities. BUT, this fanfic is not. I was going to aim at making it like the story, but instead, I made it AFTER the original story. Ohh Daisy, how most of us hated your close-minded, self-gratifying, lifestyle searching character. So selfish and all about herself and her image. Tom obviously was the safest choice as a family, but it always made me think, was Gatsby even actually love to her? WELL NOW I BRING MY OWN IDEAS. Here is: After Gatsby By: Narissa Gran