5 Things People With Tattoos Are SICK of Hearing!

OKAY, so this is more like personal things I've experience since I got a bunch of tattoos. LET'S JUMP RIGHT ON IN. 1) Did it hurt? I've always wanted one but... *blah blah blah* This is for anyone with tattoos but since my sleeve, I've noticed its a gateway ice breaker. All we hear is excuse, excuse, excuse as you feed us all of your reasons of why you haven't gotten them. Obviously, tattoos cost money, so that's common. But by asking us where we got ours, how much our artists charges, if we can get the "hook up", which one hurt the most, what they all "mean", when we got them, how long we've had them, and having full on conversations about the same thing the last person probably said to us is well, annoying. BUT CURIOSITY IS OKAY. WE LOVE TATTOOS TOO. Just keep it short and sweet for our own sake. (Everyone reacts differently). 2) *grabs arm and starts touching all up on your personal 'too's"

If you've read The Great Gatsby, my fanfic is for you

Alright, so I wrote this about a year and a half ago for one of my creative writing classes. Some could say it's because the same teacher made us read the book another time prior, or because I actually enjoyed the book. Yes, "The Great Gatsby" is full of symbols and underlying emotions/possibilities. BUT, this fanfic is not. I was going to aim at making it like the story, but instead, I made it AFTER the original story. Ohh Daisy, how most of us hated your close-minded, self-gratifying, lifestyle searching character. So selfish and all about herself and her image. Tom obviously was the safest choice as a family, but it always made me think, was Gatsby even actually love to her? WELL NOW I BRING MY OWN IDEAS. Here is: After Gatsby By: Narissa Gran