2 years ago
Anime Club Night
So my university has an anime club. It has been one of the best things I have ever joined. I'm usually an offset shy person, but I've made so many wonderful friends in our club. Are their any clubs that have helped you come out of a shell? I know it can be tough to find a place to fit in somewhere, and find people who accept you. High school was a murder for that. I was in my marching band and ROTC group. Neither of those places did I fit in for very long. I joined the strategy club, but was soon told to not come anymore because I couldn't make meetings because, well lack of a car to drive myself at the time. But hey we all have our ups and downs in life, nothing to get upset over, at least to much. then college with the anime club I found home and lots of friends. So what clubs have helped you come out of a shell?
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Hi, I'm an anime and Doctor who loving girl. so that's what I will mostly post about on my blog. I'm starting to get into cosplay and have done a few of my own before. I'm on college and try to be as active as I can on here. I hope you enjoy my stuff and thanks for following. ^^