{GCC} Day 7 - Favorite Weapon

Warning: Some spoilers present in this card. You have been warned Hello everyone and welcome to the final day of my Guilty Crown Challenge! Yes the end is here, and we couldn't have picked a better way to end it! As you guessed from the title, this card will show off my favorite weapon from the entire series. Now Guilty Crown does have a good deal of weapons, but I'll be straight with you guys on this one, my favorite weapon happens to be a Void (anyone who watches the anime shouldn't be surprised by this XD). For those who don't know what a Void is, its pretty much a person's psyche made into a physical weapon. Our main character, Shu Ouma, gained the ability to draw out these Voids and use them as weapons. But honestly, even though they were all cool, only one weapon in the series was my favorite. (Those of you who have watched the anime should also see this coming) So my favorite weapon from Guilty Crown is...........*plays drumrolls and suspenseful music* Yep! It's Shu's Void, the almighty King's Heart! Honestly, no other weapon or Void compared to this one in my eyes. It suits Shu perfectly in my opinion, which should be the case since the Void's shape and abilities come from the person's psyche, in this case, Shu's acceptance of his role as the one to stop Mana (*spoilers* his psychotic incestuous sister *spoilers*) and how important his right arm became to him. But onto the main part as to why I love Shu's Void. Basically each Void in the series has a specific shape that it takes and has abilities based on that shape and on the original person's personality. For example, Ga's is a rifle which can force other Voids to materialize. Shu's, as you can see, is a new right arm. But the kicker is that it allows him to use the Voids of his friends and comrades as if they were his own, all of them being stored inside his arm and being able to call upon them and switch between them on the fly. The only downside is that when Shu absorbs a Void, he gains any negative characteristics that person, such as when he absorbs his friend Souta's Void (the gun looking thing in picture #3), he also gained his friend's cancer. But even with that disadvantage, Shu still manages to fight very well with it, easily taking down Segai and his squad of mechas in Episode 19 (So badass XD) Well anyways that does it for this day's card on the Guilty Crown Challenge, and with that, the Guilty Crown Challenge is officially over! I hope you guys had a good time with these cards! I know I did! Feel free to post any of your own cards on these topics and spread the word on this amazing anime! If you guys want, I could do this for another anime in the future! as to which, I'll leave that up to you guys. ;)

{GCC} Day 4 - Favorite Pair/Ship

WARNING: SOME SPOILERS AHEAD YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Welcome back to the Guilty Crown Challenge! Today's topic, as you can see is Favorite Pair/Ship. Now unlike the other cards in this challenge, I instantly knew which one I was going to pick. And its a pretty good one too. Call me cliche, but my favorite Pair/Ship in Guilty Crown is........*plays some romantic music* The King and Queen of Guilty Crown themselves, Shu Ouma and Inori Yuzuriha! (Told you it was cliche XD) Honestly, even though this is the most obvious and well known relationship in the series, I had to choose it simply cause of the fact that it's a very good romance. At the start these two were both lonely people. Shu didn't really know where his life was going, and Inori was emotionless due to her status as a 'doll' and 'vessel' for Mana's (Shu's sister) soul. But when these two met and subsequently were involved in Funeral Parlor together, a romance blossomed between them. And it was that romance that started changing them to become better people. Shu opened up and became more sociable, while Inori actually understood the emotion of love and its worth. And we followed their romance, and all the shocking, romantic, and sad moments of it all. Even though these lovers may have been separated for good, they are still forever together, as evidenced by that final scene. (Check my last card if you want the video that it came from) (Credit goes to SuperOrangeGamer aka David the Hedgehog and Nick-Ian, for the amazing fanart!) And that does it for this day's topic for the Guilty Crown Challenge! Be sure to leave a like as it would be much appreciated. Be sure to come back tomorrow for Favorite Episode!