The Constant Rebirth of Spidey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sam Raimi films were Phenomenal to say the least. They helped launch other Comic Book Movies in the modern age. Then there was The Amazing Spider-Man Reboot. The first one was a solid win in my opinion, others didn't find it that "Amazing" (Hilarious joke that didn't get old at all. . . .). The sequel . . . . was rough at best I guess. I mean really it should not have gone like it did. The comics were successful, all you had to do was stick to the Script in the Books. The execs who murdered the movie. Even Andrew Garfield said it was the Executives who kept cutting stuff out of the movie. It was a little odd to have a Black man play Electro, They pulled that off though. Jaime Foxx was Great as electro. Harry Osborne was well cast. The rumors of plans to make a Sinister Six mash up movie set, My God seemed to be radiantly glorious. So it was okay that they had Rhino (No Suit), Electro's Birth, and The sudden appearance of Harry. We all knew they weren't pointless inserts. What cheesed off everyone was the Back to Back Villain fight AT THE END OF THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Green Lantern made the same choice. It was not well received, so . . . . . . Three years later it is tried again with a different hero???? "Maybe no one will notice" That was the big annoyance for me. I am not negative about the New Spider. For the simple fact that he is being reborn in the MCU. While they aren't 100% sticking to the comics, like you will hear from the dudes living in their mother's basements bitching about. They are doing a Great job with their movies, and hitting a lot of points that are in the comic. and making awesome references to what they might not be able to squeeze in. My thing about people criticizing Professional Hollywood films is this. "If you don't like how it was made, Make your own." (Short Version)
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I know, a little late. Guess that is fact No.1- I can be Lazy, Slow, prone to Procrastination. I would be one the first to go in the Zombie Apocalypse. My Full Birth Name is Nicolas James Diaz. Recently I was given (unofficially) The Native Name of Traveling Wolf, by my family up in Oregon. XD XD XD XD I love anything to do with Comedy. Crossover memes are always hilarious. A play on pretty boys from any source is funny as well. (Although anyone who watched Episode VII knows that he won't look so pretty in the next Movie.) Christopher Walken is absolute hilarity, vastly underrated as an actor, according to my brother. I love every role of his, in any movie he shines brightly. Hope he is brought into the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Villain or All powerful noninvasive caretaker of the universe. Whatever the execs feel is right. Fell in love with Atla from the first episode. It is a brilliant show that will hopefully inspire generations to come. Lok was just as good, little sporadic, but she was of the Water tribe. Water being the symbol of Change. understanding that fact helps with understanding the seemingly chaotic flow of Lok. Personally I wish Netflix would opt to continue the series. Avatar has so much potential, and its Creators built a good foundation for the show to grow on. Fandom life . . . . . . can be . . . . difficult at times. You all have been there I am sure.

Impromptu Avatar Card

Possibly greatest modern day Kid/Young Adult show to come out in recent years. It wasn't cheap entertainment, every episode left a positive and thoughtful impression on it's viewers. It also had its lighter tones, to balance out the serious issues it brought up. The Original show was incredible, and left a lot of room for follow up shows and spinoff series. (Probably should have made a few animated movies instead of the M. Night Shyamalan feaux pa.) A show about the Gaang all grown up would have been awesome, maybe not as exciting. A sequel usually never out does the original anyways. The fanbase would have appreciated it regardless. Alternatively they could have done a mini-series on the world while Aang was in the iceberg. The white Lotus members in their youth, the trials they had to face. Speaking of the Fanbase, My shipper statuses are Kataang and Korrasami. Also a supporter of Tokka, Baatar Jr looked like Sokka to me. There are some crazy pairings out there, not judging, I just never would have seen them together. Much like most people did not see the Korrasami ending coming I guess. To be honest, I like the way Bryke presented that ending. It was Respectful, simple, and yet obviously huge. Well this wraps up my first Card, tell me what you think. Are you a ATLA/LOK fan? Should we band together and start a kickstarter for ATLA animated movies, or maybe a sweet fighting style video game? Any cross show Shippers, any crazy character bloodline theories (Like Baatar Jr. is Sokka's grandson)?