❤❤ Namjoon aka Rap Monster. Felt it was important to say

How can you threaten or hate someone so incredibly talented? Look at that face sooo not ugly, weird yes but not ugly. I hope the fans can get themselves together and realize every member is important and needs our support and love to make it in the industry. #BTSLeaderLove on twitter @bts_bighit show love there he should know that people do care about him and love him. I am not up to date on whatever crap is being said about Namjoon but he has done nothing that as a fan should cause him to recive to much ate. the lack of love I see being sent to him is shocking lacking. I am not going to call myself an ARMY because i am new to BTS and the lack of support i see them getting as a collective group makes me not want to be. I love their music but if the ARMY doesn't support all of the members call yourselves something related to the one you like so those who support the whole group can comfortably call themselves ARMY.