Chapter 1

Wooooooo first chapter!!!! I don't how good this will be but I hope you like it! The day started out just as any other normal day would. You woke up to the sound of BTS's Fire playing in your ear. You hit the snooze button, rolled over, and groaned. You were definitely not excited for another day of being invisible. 10 minutes later the sun was shining through your curtains and conveniently directly into your eyes. Maybe this was the world telling you to get up and get a move on because right then your alarm started going off again too. You slowly climbed out of bed and turned your alarm off. You walked into the bathroom and peered at yourself in the mirror. You couldn't stand looking in the mirror. The mirror showed how boring and ugly you thought you were. You knew you weren't really ugly but you told yourself you were because it gave you a reason to why everyone thought you were invisible. As you got dressed in your normal work attire, just a simple black pencil skirt and white dress shirt, you turned on BTS. They were your ultimate favorite group and listening to them before the day started always seemed to make it go smoother. As you finished getting ready for the day, you grabbed your purse and headed out the door to your office building. You were just a secretary, more like an errand girl, but it had good pay. As you got into work, one of your co-workers came up to you and told you that the boss was looking for you. "Yes Mr. Wang?" you ask as you walk in to his office. "Oh! Um...." He seems to have forgotten your name, no surprise to you though since most people do. "Y/N" You remind him. "Ah, yes that's right! Y/N, I need you to make a coffee run for me. I have clients coming in 10 minutes so I need you to go right now." "Yes sir" you reply, give a quick bow and then head out of his office. You head to the coffee shop that's just down the street from your building. As you get there you realize there's kind of a line so you hurry inside. Standing in line somebody comes up and cuts right in front of you. A man wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a face mask walks up to the person who just cut you in line. He taps the person on the shoulder and tells them that you were in line first. The person steps aside mumbling something about how they didn't notice you. The man turns to you and just stares at you. From what you can tell, which isn't much since his face is mostly covered, he is really handsome. "Thank you." you say to him because he doesn't seem like he's going to stop staring at you anytime soon. He just nods his head and turns around to get back in line. You get to the counter and order the coffee, the whole time thinking about how weird that situation was. He was the first person to stand up for you and he actually seemed to look at you, not right through you. Once you got the coffee, you shook your thoughts out of your head and turned to leave. As soon as you turned around though, you ran right into something firm yet soft. It turned out to be that the something was actually someone and that someone was the guy who had stood up for you in line earlier. You quickly started apologizing after you realized you had spilt your coffee all over him. He stood there in what seemed to be shock so you grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the bathrooms in the back of the shop. You left him in the hallway and ran into the girl's restroom to get some wet paper towels. When you came back out you started dabbing his shirt as fast as you could so the coffee didn't burn his skin too much. As you continued trying to clean his shirt, he suddenly grabbed your hand and you looked up at him. You realized you two were standing really close so you took a step back and looked at the floor as you felt a blush creep up your face. You had gotten some coffee on his face so he took his face mask and sunglasses off. As he did so, you looked back up at his face. The moment your eyes met his, you gasped in shock. The man you had just spilled your coffee all over was none other than Seokjin from BTS.