6 years ago
Fashion King epi9. is now airing~ ><
Omgomg... omg!!!!!! GaYoung & YoungGul have just kissed, but Young Gul said 'you are not supposed to do this... i'm a boss and you're a staff...' omg... Ga Young was so disappointed ... ... T_T JaeHyuk just proposed to get married to Anna... but it doesn't seem that Jaehyuk wants that sincerely, he may be miss GaYoung... JaeHyuk sent his man to GaYoung but she rejected to meet him. YoungGul got Michael's call, and decided to go to NY to have a meeting with him, and would took GaYoung. JaeHyuk knew that, then followed them. (He already loved GaYoung ... definitely... hmmm!) JaeHyuk visited GaYoung's room(hotel) in NY, he wanted to apologize, but couldn't say sorry at all in front of her and just found out she's gonna go back to Seoul the next day, then changed his flight schedule as well... to get the same one. In flight, JaeHyuk called GaYoung to his seats and tried to apologize, however, just hesitated to do it in awkward atmosphere... He suggested her to go back to NY fashion school promised that he would help her...oh...but she rejected again! (ohhhh!!! poor JaeHyuk and soooooo idiot GaYoung!!!!!) After coming back to Seoul, GaYoung got the voice messages from JaeHyuk - he had left it before in drunken. omg...... he shouted 'why don't you give me the opportunity to say sorry!!!' ...