Why Fairy Tail....Why

So if you guys have been watching Fairy Tail the past few weeks either A. your freaking out and enjoying every second of it or B. pissed off confused and sadd. Why oh why did they have to change this part for the anime?!?! I love Laxus to death but why oh why did they have him kill Tempesta insted of Grey? im not the biggest Grey fan but he plays a vital role in this Arc. Why couldnt they just make some other crap up thats Laxus based after this Arc ends. Ive never been so let down. I wanna say i read somewhere that Hiro wanted to have Laxus more involved during this Arc.....Why did he have to pull a Lucas and change stuff. I.E. redoing the star wars with all the cg and what not. This isnt gonna make me love it any less or get super butt hurt. Fairy Tail has never let me down before i hope he doesnt keep doing poooo like this if so i dont know what ill do..maybe ill end up calling a wyannnnbulance hehe. Okay Vingle Pals please tell me how u are feeling id love to know ur thoughts your feels your hobbies your pets do you have a boy friend yet?!?! (sorry had to slip in some lyrics from a five iron frenzy song)

Dragon Slayers

Again I dare bring up another fun and interesting topic. Who is your favorite Dragon slayer (s) and why. when its all said and done they are all pretty awesome. they all have their advantages and what not. I feel Laxus kinda got shafted with not getting a Neko of his own. At least Cobra had a flying snake even though it ended up being Kianna. Also when the 7 dragons appeared thru the Eclipse gate not a single dragon slayer was able to defeat let alone hang. Natsu was the exception he was able to consume Atlas Flames Fire and in the end befriending him. My least favorite out of the 7 would be Rogue and Sting. They came off way too cocky. Normally i can look past that but when Lector started running his mouth that sealed the deal with me. Wendy Marvel is def my favorite dragon slayer. she is just too adorable. her Edo version is sexy like and her Dragon Force form is both lol.

Fairy Tail Team A or B?

I don't know about you guys but I've always wanted to know who is the stronger team. I've always went with "B" team. it was full of S-Class mages and it had a Wizard Saint. well Cana was the only exception but she had one of 3 great Fairy magics. Team A does have Erza. Erza is stupid strong and scary. Whenever she is getting on Natsu and Grey about stuff and they are fearing for their lives i cringe as well like if she was talking to me as well. Wendy is just adorable but she is a dragon slayer. She is pretty nasty when she is in Dragon Force. I'd love to hear everyones thoughts