Infinite Screen shot result

Sunggyu and I had been besties for years ever since the I smacked him with a dictionary. Even now we still laugh about how we use to be before we had befriended Dongwoo. It was the first day of High School as I recalled and Sunggyu and I had gotten separated from each other as we had boarded the bus and I bumped into Dongwoo who I instantly had a crush on due to his outgoing and weird laugh. It seemed as if I couldn't help but laugh along but little did I notice Myungsoo a friend who had been in almost all my classes. He had secretly liked me and I had caught him staring but was oblivious. Thanks to Myungsoo I had met Sungyeol who after only a few days asked me out for a simple date in which I replied yes for he seemed like such a genuine person. Due to the fact that Sungyeol took me on a date Woohyun decides to take me to the place I had always wanted to go to: Italy. I immediately replied saying I would (not that he even gave a choice.) Suddenly after one week into the vacation Hoya a person from my childhood calls and ask that I tour with him I told him I would think about it in a days time. I told Sunggyu about this event since he knew Hoya and was shocked of his reaction that he said I should stay. Later that day I told Hoya I would and in hearing this Woohyun gets upset and says that he will leave once Hoya arrives. He ignores me and leaves after watching Hoya sing a song made for me. I get post cards from time to time. I feel sick to my stomach my heart aching feeling stupid that I thought he was the one. After the tour I return to college and I sit under the tree and find a dictionary and I see Sunggyu the one who truly still stayed as time passed. I had realized he had changed and we caught up and we ended up getting married and having bootiful kids! Thanks for the screen shot game @AimeeH I was really excited to see a infinite one >.
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