Hey cuties! Today I will be writing about foods and drinks that you can make/buy that will help clear your skin! First up is foods! A food that is good for skin is salmon, flax seeds, walnuts, and olive oil. Dermatologists often recommend eating about four ounces of salmon along with sprinkling flax seeds on salad or oatmeal. Raspberries are believed to be a native of East Asia and North Asia. They help prevent red inflamed skin, keeps your skin vibrant and clear. Also, research has revealed that raspberries help prevent cancer which includes breast, cervical, colon and prostate cancer by inhabiting cancer from multiplying or forming tumors. Raspberries play an important role in lowering stress, reducing inflammation and alters the development and reproduction of cancer cells. They also change the signals that are sent to potential or existing cancer cells, decreasing cancer cell numbers. Because of the role of free radicals in the aging process, raspberries also slow down the signs of aging. Chia seeds have also become a mainstream ingredient. They can have good effects on your skin and body too! One teaspoon of chia seeds acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and can help keep your skin irritation-free and might help breakouts heal faster. Now for the drinks, there are many different options for smoothies, so for today, I will just add three drinks, one consisting of more fruits, and the other veggies. Smoothie name: Glowing Skin Smoothie
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K-Beauty Tips: CLEANSING!!

Hey cuties! Today I will be giving tips on how to take care of your skin! I will upload a few tips on makeup as well later this week! 1st up is CLEANSING! In order to properly take care of your skin, you must know how to properly clean all the makeup that you put on so your pores are clean and makeup free! The first step ☝🏼 to cleansing is to wipe off your top layer with a gentle oil cleanser to wipe the oil off your face. Some of you might not want to cleanse twice, so it is really up to you whether or not you're going to do this. Cleansing is vital to the Korean skincare regimen, most women cleanse twice to give their complexions some extra love. After removing your makeup at the end of the day, you should first draw out sebum and bacteria using a gentle, oil-based cleanser that'll hydrate without leaving residue. So get out your foam cleanser! (Most people tend to buy a water-based foam cleanser.) TIP: Retinol and benzoyl peroxide can cancel each other out and end up being too drying, causing your skin to get irritated, so make sure to check the ingredients before buying to make sure it is good. Depending on your skin sensitivity, people buy different products. Interestingly, Peach & Lily receives a high amount of consultation requests from those with oily/acne-prone skin, so here is a link to the official Peach and Lily website! http://www.peachandlily.com Caudalie and Dior also receive good feedback, so go check them out!