2 years ago
Imma be a hater... And a praiser
(WARNING! I HAVE YET TO WATCH NARUTO SHIPUDDEN! So it's my broad opinion of these characters from Naruto.) Lets start with hating... I do not like Negi Hyuga. He is a stuck up person who nearly kills Hinata during the Chunin exam... here let me explain. During the Chunin exam, Hinata Hyuga unexpectedly faces Negi Hyuga (who knew very well that Hinata was not very strong.) However, instead of giving her a chance, he uses his strengths to block all of the major areas that not only allows Hinata to access chakara, but to also live. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE THAN THAT! Ever since Negi was little, he had been claimed as a failure. He calls it his fate to be a failure of a ninja, even though he calls himself a true genius and calls Rock Lee a failure since he has no ability to use ninjustu(even though he can use taijutsu). I believe he highly critiqued Naruto as well for being a bad ninja (even though he is a Jinjuriki). Now to praise Rock Lee... I think he is the #1 inspirational character on the show. Every time you see him, he is either training until his limbs will stop moving or he is fighting or he is on some kind of mission where is is challenged. Also, you see Lee as a very strong character; but Lee actually started off almost being unable to become a good ninja until Guy Sensei came and taught him the ways of taijutsu. As already covered in the show, Rock Lee wanted to become a great ninja without the capabilities of ninjutsu. Other inspirational characters other than Rock Lee would be Naruto Uzamaki, Sakura Hurano, and Hinata Hyuga for their hard work and determination to become noticed as a good person. Alright that's all! I hope you enjoyed my presentation. And FYI guys... Haters gonna hate! And I ship Hinata and Naruto. Oh and this is for that one challenge that @hikaymm is holding for the prize of the Akutsuki Jacket if I get the most clips.

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