Secretly Broken Chapter3

Eun-Yeong all but stomped to her room once returning home. It was until she was trying to take off her dress that she remembered wearing Ravi's jacket. The baby blue material still felt warm and had his scent. The smell caused her to calm down slightly. Begrudgingly she knew she had to remove it. As soon as she removed it a shiver went through her and the cold returned. It must be from lack of blood.  Eun-Yeong thought. She didn't want to admit to herself how much she enjoyed the jacket. Without a thought she carefully folded up the jacket and hid it underneath her pillows. She then went through the routine of removing her make up and changing into some warm footy pajamas. Eun-Yeong tried to wait up for her father but found herself drifting off to sleep. When she awoke she was warm and cozy under her covers. Someone had to of come in last night and moved her. Remembering the events Eun-Yeong sat up and quickly removed her pillows. The jacket was no longer there. Should of known. Eun-Yeong thought bitterly. Hopping out of bed Eun-Yeong dressed in a soft long sleeve shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. After placing her fury house slippers on she dared to venture out of her room. Carefully peeking out she began to make her way towards the kitchen. She was trying to avoid running into her father or uncle that she didn't realize someone was following her. She was peeked around the last corner when he spoke. "Is the cost clear?" Ken whispered causing Eun-Yeong to jump. She whipped around and smacked him on the arm. "Oppa!" She scolded with a frown. "That was mean!"

Secretly Broken Chapter2

The car was nice and warm but Eun-Yeong still shivered. The two men that had brought her to Ravi sat in the front. Ravi and Eun-Yeong sat in the back. Eun-Yeong let out a little shriek when she felt an arm snake around her waist stiffening as Ravi pulled her close to him. "Hongbin, take a few detours along the way." Ravi spoke. There was no reply but he knew Hongbin heard him. Ravi wanted to play a little longer with his kitten. She continued to stay stiff as Ravi pulled her to sit on his lap. Eun-Yeong blushed like a tomato. One hand rested on her legs while the other was around her waist keeping her firmly in place. "I like calling you kitten but perhaps 'little red' would fit you better." He teased leaning in. Eun-Yeong was too frozen to move. Ravi skimmed his lips gently along her jaw and up to her ear. She blushed while mumbling something. She avoided Ravi's gaze as she played with her purse strap. "Hmm?" Ravi questioned. He let his fingers dance along her bare thigh. "I like kitten better." She mumbled embarrassed. Ravi smirked. "Sure thing Kitten." he growled playfully into her ear. Eun-Yeong couldn't help but let out a small giggle. Ravi pulled back surprised. "Don't! That tickles!" Eun-Yeong pushed at his chest. Ravi smirked and leaned in to tease her more. Ravi noticed that het dress had risen up as she tried to squirm away. As much as he was enjoying teasing her, he knew she wasn't that kind of girl. So he kept his hands from going any further up her thighs.
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Little Red (Exo Fanfic) Chapter6

The day had come. It was finally time to say goodbye. Mi-Nah, Luhan and Tao had all already said their goodbyes to close friends and family. Everything was packed. The house was spotless. They all did one last final look around the house they grew up in. "We'll be okay." Kris spoke placing his arm around Mi-nah. She was already tearing up. This had been her home for as long as she could remember. "Think of it, like an adventure. It's fun, exciting, scary and new. Don't know what's going to happen but we'll be there. Together." Minah nodded and allowed her dad to pull her outside and into the waiting taxi van. They were off to the airport. As the van pulled away Mi-Nah watched her house shrink until she could no longer see it. The boys where lucky, they could fall asleep anywhere. When they reached the airport both boys had to be woken. The three kids shuffled their feet as Kris led them through the airport. It seemed like all Mi-Nah had to do was blink and they were already on the plane. Everyone napped except for Mi-Nah. Her brain just wouldn't stop thinking about how South Korea was going to be so different. Once the plane landed Kris and his kids gathered their luggage. The man they would be staying with was unable to meet them. Something had come up so Kris grabbed a taxi. He wasn't thrilled about the price but understood. No one had spoken much on the ride, everyone was too lost in their thoughts. When they finally arrived the kids stretched their limbs before freezing mid stretch. The house in front of them was huge! It made their cute little home back in China seem like an ant compared to this log building. Kris smirked at his children's reaction. He had already been here before so this was nothing new to him. It hadn't changed since the last time he had been here. He took a breath breathing enjoying the fresh air that filled his lungs. Just as Kris unloaded the last of the luggage and about to pay the taxi driver the door opened. A young man opened the front door. Kris handed the man his money before getting his old friend. The kids where still staring at the massive log house, well more like mansion. It looked about three stories with two fireplaces, a wrap around porch on the second floor and a terries on the third. Different plants and trees where well placed strategicly around the front. While the shutters where panted a deep red, the wood seemed aged yet new at the same time. All in all it was a beautiful place.