Fire Meet Gasoline {A BTS Oneshot}

A Valentine's Vkook smut. Don't read if you aren't comfortable with sexual themes. Hope you enjoy! ;) Based on the gifset below. *** Taehyung couldn’t stop himself. The crowd seemed to be cheering him on as his mind conjured impure thoughts at an inhuman pace. The adrenaline coursing through his body only drove his inner desires as his tongue darted out hungrily. His stride only quickened and his gaze remained on the maknae. Taehyung extended his arm forward and almost as if Jungkook already knew, the maknae turned to face him. It was like a fist had slammed right into his gut as the air was knocked out of Taehyung’s lungs. Jungkook’s face glistened with a thin sheen of sweat as he looked at Taehyung with exhaustion. Taehyung resisted the urge to lick the sweat off and settled with placing his hands on the boy’s shoulders. Jungkook’s exhaustion was apparent as Taehyung leaned his head closer, their foreheads bumping. He could hear the rapid, short breaths from Jungkook and while closing his eyes, imagined what type of sounds would come from the maknae in another situation. Taehyung immediately opened his eyes when Jungkook’s fingers touched his own. It’s only to grab his mike but for a moment their eyes meet and Taehyung can’t help but shudder at the sensual look in Jungkook’s eyes. The contact is broken as Jungkook turned and continued walking off the stage, waving to screaming crowd. Taehyung realized how weird he must’ve looked but in a flash he’s waving as well but his gaze never wavers from the maknae’s figure. Taehyung wasn’t certain but Jungkook seemed to have a lot more energy as they made their way off the stage.
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My Everything- Part 10 {A Vkook Fanfic}

This chapter gets a little crazy so if you need a recap find all the previous chapters here! WARNING: Mild violence Jungkook stuffs his face relentlessly, not even tasting the food he knows Jin worked so hard on. There was a part of him that felt bad but if the only thing he could do was eat to avoid talking then he would do exactly that. His eyes don’t leave his plate but still he knows Jimin is staring at him. Jungkook can feel the piercing eyes on him and strangely it rouses something in him other than guilt. Jungkook knows he shouldn’t but he can’t help but shift his gaze up in Jimin’s direction. The grief in Jimin’s eyes slams into Jungkook like a ton of bricks as they make eye contact. For a second it’s like the world is nonexistent and Jungkook sinks into the gaze letting it envelop him. Before Jimin breaks the gaze and drops his head, Jungkook sees it... Something beneath the grief in Jimin’s eyes. Jungkook doesn’t stop staring at Jimin, his eyes widened in shock at what he just saw. Despite all that he did to Jimin, despite all the pain, Jimin still loved him. Beneath all the heartbreak and pain Jimin still held him dear. The realization almost brings Jungkook to tears right then. While Jungkook was busy playing with Taehyung, Jimin was always loving and thinking of him. Every time Jungkook was hurt, every time he was in any sort of trouble Jimin was there doing anything he could. Oblivious to how Jungkook was playing with him, Jimin put everything into their relationship while only asking for Jungkook’s attention and when Jungkook ignored him he only tried harder. Even now, in the midst of his anger and depression he loved Jungkook. Jungkook’s hand shakes and he bites his lip as his heart feels like it’s breaking in half. He had someone who loved him unconditionally and he gave it up like it meant nothing. Now Jimin was hurting because of him. It was his fault...all his fault.
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My Everything- Part 9 {A Vkook Fanfic}

I almost cut this chapter short because I wanted to include the dinner all into one chapter but then I ended up cutting it again lol. Anway I hope you enjoy PART ONE of this chapter :) Find all the previous chapters here! NOTE: The outfits for the dinner are all from the Blood, Sweat and Tears MV so try to imagine that ^.^ It was like time was moving faster and faster. Taehyung starts pacing again, ignoring how closer and closer the time was approaching. He catches himself in the mirror, his appearance contrasting his feelings. It’s not like he wanted to look good but Jin demanded everyone dress formally. Usually, Jungkook would come to him and ask him about an outfit or simply to talk about the dishes Jin would prepare. It was something that Taehyung shrugged off and disregarded then but now he longed for. For Jungkook to at least acknowledge him. Taehyung shakes his head and looks at the clock again. He had at most a minute before he would have to step out his room and face the rest of the members. The thought itself made him want to run for the bathroom. A knock makes Taehyung’s heart jump as he turns his head into the direction of the door. He knew it wouldn’t be Jimin or Jungkook but that didn’t stop the glimmer of hope in his body when the door opens. “You better get out here Tae. We’re all waiting for you.”
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My Everything- Part 8 {A Vkook Fanfic}

Finally, the time has come xD I don't have an official update schedule but trust me the parts will continue to be uploaded!! If you need to catch up or start over you can find all the parts HERE. Yoongi doesn’t know anymore. Whether it’s his tears or the water from the shower. He doesn’t know how long he’s been in here but the water had long turned cold. Shriveled up in the corner on the shower floor, Yoongi keeps his head tucked between his legs. He tries so hard but it’s inevitable. The image of the orange-haired youngster appears in his mind once more. Yoongi tries but fails to muffle himself as another sob forces itself out of him. Why did he... What was wrong with him? Even after what Jungkook did, he still.... Yoongi replays the scene again for the countless time, his mind still cloaked in confusion. It’s like Jimin is right before his eyes again, pushing him away and shaking his head. The soft apologies that slip from his mouth that only pushed the daggers in Yoongi’s heart deeper. Then Yoongi was alone...again. The taste of Jimin was lost and replaced with blood as Yoongi bit his lip to stop the tears. Yoongi can feel his body numb from the now frigid water. He’s close, Yoongi realizes, as he closes his eyes, the numbness spreading across his body. A little while longer and he would never feel anything again. A scary thought to most but to Yoongi it was relief from the pain.
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UPDATE: My Everything {A Vkook Fanfic}

Hello my lovely readers that I love so much because you are all so patient and awesome! xD I just want to give you guys a heads up that on BTS Taehyung's birthday I will be updating the Vkook fanfic I started a while back. Since a lot of you guys have been requesting updates *cough* @twistedPuppy & @gaya054 *cough* I've decided to finish this fanfic ^.^ So when I last updated it was a while back but if you still want to be tagged then comment. I also created a collection with all the parts so you all can refresh yourself with the plot. Find it HERE!! @Kpopfangirl15 @SugaKookieV @ChavaBerry @ShortyGarcia @amandamuska @kpopjams @ivyheart13 @Rengaji @StefaniTre @SindyHernandez @winterkpops @megannmatthews @externallyeli @micgie6436 @JiyongLeo @terenailyn @jazbasquez22 @VIPFreak2NE1 @QueenLele @UnnieCakesAli @maddiedo @ValerieAlissaPa @justcallmekyki @VeronicaArtino @DaisyPhun @lizzie26 @artificalgold @luvae27 @AnnaArai @AnnieGoodman @NasiaWright @JessicaChaney @najalong1998 @jessicacheung97 @megancurrent9 @jojojordy2324 @bambamisbae @CrystalGuerra @Beckah1327 @SteohabiePoore @Elena166 @ParkHwaYoung @GreciaGlores @EXOAsf @EniorehFrancois @NikkoNikole @KaylingJones @DominiqueLewis @FrancescaV95BTS @BonnieYeun @Orihemay @NooRiNoona @elainarenea @ARMY98 @BetseyBleau
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