K Drama MCM

Can't do this on Monday... Won't be around. way to kill the fun & @IMNII YOU... You ... you beat me to Kim Soo Hyun so I'm doing one for.... (DRUM ROLLS) the Emperor himself JI CHANG WOOK. If you've seen my comment on @kpopandkimchi card you might have noticed Empress Ki is my favorite K Drama ever hence the first (but not the only) reason why Ji Chang Wook is my MCM choice. You probably also remember him from HEALER (2014), WARRIOR BAEK DONG SOO (2011) pretty sad ending, based on a real story (fictional recount... I guess), FIVE FINGERS (2012) , SMILE AGAIN (2010-2011)... we could shout all day about how cute he is *yeah yeah we can see that* What I admire (aside from his killer "Laugh" , mischievousness, that silly attitude that makes u want to strangle someone... or shake your head cause you've given up) is his ability to diversify his acting. Yes it's his job we know... but not every actor can totally play different character personalities in different movies or even in the same movie (Take "Healer" for instance), Every Ji Chang Wook Drama or Movie is a whole new personality, sillyness ... for the viewers. Enough obsessing for me. This is my Man Crush Monday