16 days ago
Deja Vu All over. Amuse, You're not Amusing. . .
As everyone knows, Cross Gene is my ultimate group. My angels, my saving grace. I have loved these boys for 5 years. Five glorious, beautiful years. These boys have me wrapped around their finger. With them being my Ultimate Group, my heart hurts when I see any negative things having to deal with them. As you know, Casper graduated from Cross Gene on Aug 31 of this year. I will be supporting his future endeavors and rooting him on. He will always be my heart. Always. Now, on to the reason for this card. Back in January, when they were promoting, Amuse had some wonderful brilliant idea to have a variety of a fanservice menu. Confused yet? It's where people could pay to have certain actions done with the boys. Wrong right? Right. I'm all for the boys having promotions, and doing fanservice, but when it becomes a "host" situation, my heart is infuriated. I get angry. I don't want them to be treated like useless merchandise just to gain a quick buck. If there are going to be promotions and sales, it needs to be done the right way. Meet Takuya Terada. One of the sweetest vocals you will ever hear, and sweetest man you could possibly meet. He even looks it right? Yes, yes he does. I'm super infuriated. There are absolutely no words for this atrocity. Takuya is a human. Cross Gene are humans. I understand it's a play or musical, but really? One on one sessions with the most popular member. . . This is clearly not okay. Selling the boy's for a quick dollar is an easy way to catch the hands Amuse KR. You'll be catching my hands and feet.
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